Tyranny of Dragons

Greenest In Flames

Session 1

We begin as a blue dragon named Lennithon circles above the homely town of Greenest. The party arrives on foot having travelled from the roaming Midsummer festival & tournament in Berdusk. Greenest is being assaulted by hundreds of unmarked soldiers and strange malformed draco-dog creatures. They are murdering residents in the streets and looting anything of value.

Lily’s husband was torn to shreds as her children watch. The party intervenes saving Lily and her family from attacking draco-dogs. She leads the party to the keep in the centre of Greenest.

Within the keep Governer Nighthill is in command of the defensive. He asks the party to find a safe way out of the keep and to rescue any civilians they can by returning them here. The party escapes using a unused tunnel through the basement and manages to capture a cultist to interview about the nature of the attack.

As the interview takes place the bell begins tolling an emergency: the dragon is attacking the keep! The party rushes to the roof and joins the defense. A valiant and dangerous attempt to draw the dragons rage is made by Fareth and Lennithon leaves wounded and disinterested in the cause.

With no rest for our adventurers Nighthill asks the party to free those trapped in the Church of Tymora to the north of Greenest. The party manages to slip inside and burst out using Tymoras bronze statue as a battering ram, running the clerical consort back to the keep amongst the chaos.

Lastly the Mill comes under attack and it is felt that if it burns the town will suffer long from today. The counter attacks from the party had been noticed however and a trap had been set. Whilst the bait outside was dispatched of quickly a untimely attack from Flint alerted the thrall, consort of cultists and draco-dogs to their presence. With relentless vigor the thrall began chasing and killing guards and PCs alike. As Fareth fell and the party ran out of options Lily returned to drag him from the fray. The party lost the mIll but manages to barely escape with their lives.

The attack drew to a close but the keep remained surrounded. A half-dragon named Cyanwrath bellowed from the gate for a champion in exchange for a few captured town members. Fareth stepped forward and promptly was bested by the half-dragon. Luckily Jysthera, Flint and Dirk sprung a plan into action to scare and blast away the surrounding draco-dog crowds. Meanwhile Kushiel raged through the clammer to tend to Fareth before life faded from him.

Greenest is left in shambles but thanks to our adventurers more than 750 of the 1200 occupants of greenest remain alive. Thankful yet defeated Nighthill asks even more of the party before the night is over…


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