Frulam Mondath

Human Wearer of Purple



Frulam is a high ranking cultist within the cult of the dragon. In charge of the camp close to Greenest, at her command ruthless attacks have robbed countless items of value. With the attack on Greenest concluding the campaign of terror in the area she is sure to be rewarded for her successful contribution to the hoard of the dragon queen.

Whilst she looks a frail woman in her purple robes, she weilds considerable arcane power and an even more dangerous tongue. She has convinced the volatile half dragon cyanwrath to assist in her attacks from her camp and subsiquently kept the cobalt claw working alongside the crimson scale for many months.


Frulam remained at her own request within the Nursery in the Greenfields. Deep within the nursery with her temperamental ally Cyanwrath Frulam stood charge in protecting 3 dragon eggs, near to hatching. Her failure however saw the eggs crushed and her throat slit by an enraged Kushiel Sarin.

Frulam Mondath

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