Blue Half-Dragon Fighter



Champion of the Cobalt Claw Cyanwrath commands respect from those in the cult and fear in everyone else. He seeks honorable fights, and has yet to be bested in any combat. He looks down upon those he see’s as inferior foes and would only offer words to those he respected.

His breathe crackles with lightening and his tail gleams with a hidden surge of power. He wields a great sword and a spear of which he used to show Fareth to deaths doorstep in Greenest.


Within the Nursery, at a shrine to tiamat Cyabwrath fought to his death. Honorable in a ruthless way Cyanwrath dying of the black liquid that surged him to feats of strength. He spoke to Fareth before Urik’s blade slit his throat: “You betray our kind”. It appears he never returned word to his master that Fareth had escaped attempt on his life.


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