Feel the terror to come; a true Tyranny of Dragons.

Welcome to the ‘Filthy Casuals’ dungeons & dragons fifth edition Tyranny of Dragons campaign webpage. Whilst this campaign is split into two parts: Hoard of the Dragon Queen & Rise of TIamat, it is my intention to complete an ongoing third adventure that will continue in Faerun & reach the heights of level 20 players. Although many, perhaps all shall fall, their chronicles will be logged here for all to see as heroes.


Alas to make this a useful resource for both players and DM, assistance in adding any content taken from our sessions or even invented should be uploaded here to the wiki. Feel free to add any characters, NPCs, locations or events and if they need to be I will edit them to remain consistent. Your imagination (and free time) is the only limitation here so get writing!

As incentive I will provide in session Inspiration, NPC connections or even magical items to award those who dutifully add to the content here!

Tyranny of Dragons

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